When we are depressed, we might feel heavy, numb, foggy, and disconnected. It might be hard to motivate ourselves or find enjoyment and meaning in what used to give us pleasure. Depression might result from a specific traumatic life event, or it might “come out of blue”. Either way, it is important to get help for depression since untreated depression often worsens over time.

How can therapy help?

Therapy can help depression in many ways. In fact, therapy has proven to be as effective as medication in some cases. At Roya Counselling, I strive to help you understand your depression better and learn ways to cope with your depressive symptoms more effectively. I use strategies from different therapeutic approaches to help you on your journey.

About me

I am Roya Vojdani, MA, and my goal is to use my years of clinical experience, personal life experience and my training to help you live your life more fully. I know that allowing another person into your inner life is an important decision and I strive to honour your trust and create a safe space in which you can blossom.


I believe in the inherent resilience of my clients and my stance towards my clients is non-judgmental, compassionate and curious.
I feel very privileged to hear about my client’s hopes, goals and pains and witness my clients slowly recovering their peace, happiness and livelihood.

Counselling Services


Let’s find the calm place within you together.


There is always hope, even when it is hard to see it.


Trauma , when processed , can become a history rather than a destiny.

Relationship Counselling

Relationships, like gardens , require constant care and attention.

Grief and Loss

Grief can be profoundly painful. You can get through the pain.

Anger management

Your anger has a lot to say. Let’s listen to your anger together.

ICBC Clients

Make use of ICBC counselling sessions available to you to recover from an accident by sending your claim number.

CVAP Program

As a victim of crime, you deserve professional therapy to heal. Contact CVAP for more information.

Clinical Supervision

Develop professionally in a safe, non-judgemental and caring supervisory relationship.